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Welcome to the Scunci Steamer home page! This Scunci Steam Cleaner information page will give you everything you need to know about this incredible As Seen On TV steam cleaner. From basic product info to information about what comes with the Scunci cleaner and great tips on what you can do with this innovative hand held steam cleaner, it's all right here. The Scunci Steamer is the world's first lightweight pressurized steam cleaner. It is powerful enough to steam away mildew, mold, bacteria, grease and grime, yet small enough to be held in your hand!

Mildew, mold and bacteria can cause illness and they are certainly not something you want in your home. Until now, you had to use expensive and harsh chemicals to get rid of them. Now, with the Scunci hand steam cleaner those abrasive, toxic chemicals are a thing of the past! No more scrubbing tile or countertops for hours. With this hand held steam cleaner you can be certain that the mildew, mold, bacteria, and other allergens will be gone from your home for good!

Have you ever spent hours scrubbing away at hard to clean stains, baked on food, or other greasy spots? The Sucnci Steam Cleaner tackles all these and more with ease! Now you can clean ovens, bathrooms, tile and grout, countertops, barbecue grills and more in just minutes without all that dreaded scrubbing! The ScunciSteamer is going to save you a lot of time and effort! No more scrubbing! No more toxic fumes! Cleaning has never been so easy, safe, or effective!

Do you have cupboards full of dangerous, abrasive and toxic cleaning chemicals? With the Scunci Steam Cleaner you will never need to buy them again! You will save a lot of money on expensive cleaning agents and chemicals. In fact, you will probably save enough money in just a few months to cover the cost of your Scunci cleaner! And you won't have to worry about children or pets getting into the cupboards and hurting themselves.

The ScunciSteamer also freshens and deodorizes carpet, fabric, bedding, and even stuffed animals! It is great for gently removing wrinkles from clothing, right on the hanger! Click Here for even more uses of this As Seen On TV Steam Cleaner.

You can have your very own Scunci Hand Steam Cleaner for only $59.99 + S&H! Think about it - you probably spend more than that on cleaners and chemicals in the course of a few months. In just a few months, your Scunci-Steamer will pay for itself!

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